KESARI SPICES was established by Late Bundu Malik in the year 1976 as a very small industry in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier Kesari Masale was catering to the eastern Uttar Pradesh. Since its inception Kesari Spices has navigated a long journey from being a family owned industry to a professionally managed company. The company has a substantial presence in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and other states.

Kesari Masale is dedicated to this quest for quality. With a presence of nearly four decades in India, Kesari Spices is now a household label and synonymous with and quality innovation. From pure spices to whole ones, sprinklers to blended spices, Kesari Masale covers the entire range of home as well as professional cooking in India.

Today, the Kesari spices offer a desirable range of whole, pure and blended spices for Indian dishes and international cuisine. Kesari spices are rich in fragrance, freshness and adhere to the highest quality standards which involve the best processes of production, packaging and delivery to customers. Kesari Spices are considered to be essential staples for kitchens across India and are hand-picked from the best sources, sorted, ground through low temperature grinding process and packaged under fully automated and hygienic conditions. Kesari Spices are pure with no artificial colours or filler added to it.

Quality is a byword for Kesari Masale which is ensured through rigorous quality control procedures, right from procurement of raw materials to manufacturing and packaging of the finished products.

Kesari Masala is not just about ‘spices’ because it requires passion & innovation to spice up anything in life and that is what makes brand Kesari spices a default choice in the country today


We offer a wide range of 45 variety of spices (whole spices and blends) with 40 years of dedication to maintain the same standards of purity, freshness and authenticity in every pack, getting their aroma and flavor, consistently right. Kesari’s great taste of purity is backed up with research, innovation and technology. The success lies in reaching the heart of India’s culinary world with its spices and perfect blends.

Kesari has melted borders reaching homes of all non-resident Indians and Indian kitchens of all restaurants in more than 58 countries.